General Rules & Etiquette

The Club rules set forth are part of the terms and conditions of the membership agreement. They are designed to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of our Members whilst maintaining the highest levels of health and safety for all Members, guests and employees. Failure to abide by these rules may result in the Member or Guest being asked to leave The Club.

The Club reserves the right to amend any and all rules, regulations and pricing, without prior notice to its members.

The Club Access & Checking In

Entry to The Club is gained on presentation of a valid The Club membership card at the Front Desk or by providing your name to a receptionist. Upon joining, for security reasons, members will be required to have their photograph taken for their membership profile. Access and use of The Club, including The Club’s outdoor training spaces, is strictly for adults of 18 years and over. Proof of age may be required.

Gym & Studio Classes

High standards of personal hygiene must be maintained, and Members must take every effort to deodorize before using the gym.

Appropriate exercise clothing must be worn when using The Club. Tops must be worn at all times and all indoor spaces require appropriate and supportive footwear (no flip flops, open toe sandals or bare feet).

Bags and personal belongings are not permitted in studio classes or within the facility workout areas.

In the interest of everyone’s cleanliness and hygiene, please wipe down equipment after use using the sanitary wipes provided.

Once you have finished using any gym equipment please ensure that all weights are safely placed back in the racks provided.

No glass containers, hot beverages or food are allowed in the gym or studios.


Health & Safety Regulations

All Members and guests should ensure they have completed and signed a Pre-Activity Readiness Questionnaire prior to undergoing any form of exercise. For reasons of hygiene and safety, all members and guests must abide by the following:

Accidents & Incidents

In the case of an incident or accident please report it immediately to the Front Desk staff or on floor supervisor. Where necessary incidents will be referred to a third party and will be investigated in detail.

The Club Opening & Closing Hours

Please respect the opening and closing hours of The Club’s facilities.

Personal Information 

It is the member’s responsibility to inform The Club of any change of contact or address details.


Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside The Club and we ask that you refrain from smoking outside our entrance.


Please do not leave bags or personal items in the lockers overnight as they will be emptied every evening.

Illegal Substances

No member or guest shall use, ingest, possess or distribute illegal drugs or substances whilst on The Club’s premises.

Filming & Photography 

We ask that you refrain from taking photos or videos in The Club (including cameras on mobile phones or other devices). We also request that no photos or videos are taken in the changing rooms due to other members and guests privacy.


The safety of our Members, Guests and staff is of paramount importance to us. The Club rules and etiquette are in place to ensure that all Members, Guest and Staff feel safe and secure when with us in The Club.

We ask that you conduct yourself in a quiet and well-mannered way that will not disturb or impair the use and enjoyment of The Club by any other person. Members must not shout, use foul or abusive language (in any language) or behave in a threatening or intimidating manner of any description towards any other member, guest or member of staff. Members should treat other fellow members and staff as they would wish to be treated themselves.

Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated, and The Club will take action against such conduct which shows lack of respect for others or which leads people to feel threatened. No drunkenness, bad language or other misconduct is permitted on The Club premises.

Please consider others when using your mobile phone and keep calls to a minimum.

Members, who willfully remove, damage or destroy property belonging to The Club, or to members or guests on the premises, will be liable to have their membership revoked.

Dress Code

Non-marking soled shoes only are permitted. Suitable gym entire only is permitted when using The Club facilities.